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Head of Security

  • Loves too hard

  • Emotionally attached to my mum

  • Special skills include:

    • Leaping onto high tables

    • Saying hello as soon as you come in the door

    • Sniffing your hand and potentially a lick test

    • Sitting on the tables to show your pet grooming isn’t scary

  • My bark is loud and my body is big but I’m just a small lap dog that loves working and protecting my mum



Grooming Shop Pets

In December 2021 I got my first rats, 2 little girls Bashar & Bates. This is Bashar's story! I had always wanted rats and while being at a store I saw these 2 girls that were left, I asked to check them out! I health checked them and sexed them to make sure everything was good, and it was too perfect!

Unlike her sister Bashar was very scared and timid, I later found out she doesn’t have the best vision so with this knowledge I was able to tweak the way I approached her and different things to do during her outside play times to make it both safer for her and more comfortable so she could gain some confidence!

Fast forward to now, she is the chunk of our rats, absolutely loves people, and will put your whole finger in her mouth not to bite but just in case it’s covered in something good. She goes insane for pretzels and baby puffs. At first she would have a nervous poo if anyone grabbed her but now if you opened the doors she’s waiting to give kisses and say hi! As she calms down with age she’s the last one to get out of bed. She is a Berkshire rat which means her belly & legs are white, with a little white diamond on her head!



Grooming Shop Pets

Unlike her sister Bashar, Bates first impressions didn’t fail she was right up at the front glass saying hello to everyone, she is a crazy gal. She once spent an entire week free roaming the house and tricking us at only a few months old! As I waited for my critter nation cage I had a large bird cage which would absolutely work if they weren’t babies! So I had a metal mesh covering duct taped to the cage. What I didn’t know is that (being a bird cage the bottom pan slid out) they could actually move the pan!!! So Bashar has no interest in being a rat she is more like a cat that has no interest in the outside work (unless with us). Bates would roam in the day when we were at work and get back in her cage for when I got home and fed them. One day

I was off, as my partner went to open the drawer under the oven he screamed and said "Hi Bates!" She is Agouti Blue Hooded rat which means her body is white base, with black spots, her head is mostly black with a smidge of white. With her belly and legs being just white. Bates favourite food is pasta but only cooked, while being a Houdini is not an option anymore, some of her favourite things to do include jumping from couch to couch and sectioning their litter box she she has a bedroom, kitchen, and toy room in the bathroom! She really likes to hoard food in there.



Grooming Shop Pets

When you have an albino rat with fur as white as snow, the opportunity would be considered missed if we didn't name her Walter White! Some of Walt’s favourite things to do include being held on walks, most rats like the shoulder or pouch but she loves to be front and centre, never missing the action! Snacking is her favourite but specifically on oatmeal with fruit purée is her absolute favourite snack, and a great way to fill up with extra water content! When I walk in the house/living room and say “Hi Ratties” everyone comes out, but it’s almost impossible to get a picture of walt sleeping as she runs to people as soon as we come near the cage! She was our first baby from a litter that was hand bred with the Ottawa valley Rattery! We also adopted Gemma with Walter so they had the same gotcha day! I also have a special love for the albino Ratties as I attended St. Lawrence college it’s focused on lab animals and my absolute favourite thing to do was practicing, taking care of and having my labs with the albino Ratties! I already had a love for rats but this made me need them.



Grooming Shop Pets

Our baby feeder rat!



Grooming Shop Pets

Another Ottawa Valley Rattery addition. The name Dijon stems from my love of mustard and the yellow colour this girl had as a baby.



Grooming Shop Pets

Our newest additions are Zero & Riddle. These two girls were rescued at 1.5 years old, not very socialized and only used to hard cold surfaces in their cage.
Once adopted by myself we set up their cage to be fun, full of toys and comfy surfaces for them to cuddle up on. In a short period of time these two girls have completely transformed themselves and are socializing with my staff and other rat children.



Grooming Shop Pets

Back in November we unfortunately had to say goodbye to Gemma. Right before we set out on our mobile day, we discovered Gemma in her cage surrounded by her sisters.
Gemma was an elderly rat who was hairless. Her vision was not well which led to her biting some fingers if they got too close to the cage.
The first time Xan tried to give her a kiss she was surprised at the texture of her skin compared to her other rat sisters.



Grooming Shop Pets

  • 7 Sugar Glider pets

  • Dad Stitch, Mom Marnie, twin girls Skittle & Salem, twins Pugsley (male) & Wednesday (female), then Jekyll (male)

  • We are marsupials (mama has a pouch and a baby is a joey)

  • We are nocturnal so you may not see us when you’re in the shop

  • Our absolute favourite foods are watermelon and strawberry

  • We like to cuddle up all together to sleep nice and cozy

  • We make some crazy noises but don't be alarmed

  • Please do not shove your dogs, child's or your own hands into our cage it scares us and we don't grab your face

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