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At Valley Fairy Tails, we aim to have affordable pet care for those who care deeply about their pets and keep them well maintained. Pet grooming is basic health care, your pets first line of defence is their skin and coat. Helping animals stay healthy from the outside in!


"Since I was young I’ve loved animals — both learning about and taking care of them. I attended St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario in the year 2018 for the Veterinary Assistant program. In between studying in Kingston I would return to my home in Laurentian Valley to groom on weekends or during school breaks. After graduation I applied to job across the valley in the pet industry and unfortunately received no responses. Realizing how much I enjoyed the grooming portion of my program and my desire for helping pets created Heidi's Happy Paws.

Flash forward to the year 2022, the COVID-19 pandemic brought lots of changes including a rebranding to Heidi's Happy Paws. Using my love of animals, Halloween and spooky energy, Valley Fairy Tails was born. We painted our previous shop purple, green and orange and brought the shop to life.

In October of 2022 I purchased The Grooming Shop from Cheryl Jennings along with her client list and we moved our existing business to 89 Deep River Road where you can find us today! Scroll down to learn about the individual staff!"

Please note the below address @ Lubitz Road is no longer associated with Valley Fairy Tails.

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Owner of Valley Fairy Tails, Head Dog Groomer & Veterinary Assistant

  • Certified Veterinary Assistant from St.Lawrence College

  • Certified Skin Assessment (by DMV)

  • Certified Advanced Skin Assessment (by DMV)

  • Grooming Theory & Introductory classes with Certified

  • Certified in Mobile Grooming Safety

  • Difficult dog handling course

  • Master Canine Groomer/Groom Team Canada Member

  • +200 hours in a salon shadowing & assisting a certified groomer

  • Certified in Fear Free pet grooming

  • Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR

  • Certified in the 15 canine coat types & the care requirements

  • Member of National Cat Groomers Institute

  • Training in ferret and rabbit grooming by Anjie Coates

  • 4+ years of owning & operating my own pet grooming shop

  • Mom of dog Xanny, 7 rats, 7 sugar gliders 2 cats

  • Cat grooming training with a Certified Master Feline Groomer

  • Ottawa Valley born & raised (Laurentian Valley)



Brusher & Bather Technician

  • Our secret weapon

  • Lover of animals

  • Unofficial animal whisperer

  • Dog mom to Zoey, Spud & Sable

  • Horse mom to JackZan & Stinky

  • Professional brusher, bather and dryer

  • Cuddler of the nervous

  • Ottawa Valley born & raised (Mackey)


Head of Security

  • Loves too hard

  • Emotionally attached to my mum

  • Special skills include:

    • Leaping onto high tables

    • Saying hello as soon as you come in the door

    • Sniffing your hand and potentially a lick test

    • Sitting on the tables to show your pet grooming isn’t scary

  • My bark is loud and my body is big but I’m just a small lap dog that loves working and protecting my mum



Grooming Shop Pets

  • 7 Sugar Glider pets

  • Dad Stitch, Mom Marnie, twin girls Skittle & Salem, twins Pugsley (male) & Wednesday (female), then Jekyll (male)

  • We are marsupials (mama has a pouch and a baby is a joey)

  • We are nocturnal so you may not see us when you’re in the shop

  • Our absolute favourite foods are watermelon and strawberry

  • We like to cuddle up all together to sleep nice and cozy

  • We make some crazy noises but don't be alarmed

  • Please do not shove your dogs, child's or your own hands into our cage it scares us and we don't grab your face


Website Creator

  • Website design

  • Worked with VFT for 2 years

  • Trent University Honours Biology graduate

  • Brusher/Bather Certified

  • Certified in the 15 Different Canine coat types & their care requirements

  • Certified in Advanced Skin Assessment

  • Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR

  • Dog mom to Border Collie Freya

  • Ottawa Valley born & raised (Beachburg)

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